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Justin Peters:

- Has written for Slate since 2005, on topics as diverse as crime, drones, media, the Olympics, current events, fast food, and his own clownish antics.

- Is a contributing writer at the Washington City Paper, the alt-weekly of Washington, D.C.

- Is a former editor at the Columbia Journalism Review. From 2008-2012, he edited the magazine's website, From 2011-2013, he edited the print magazine's Ideas and Reviews section. His essay on Peter Fleming's book Brazilian Adventure was anthologized in Second Read: Writers Look Back at Classic Works of Reportage.

- Was the founding editor of Polite, a great and very weird magazine which no one read.

- Is the taller, male half of the outstanding touring improv duo From Justin to Kelly. Yes, like that stupid American Idol movie.

- Is the co-founder of Countdown Theater, a roaming pop-up comedy club based in New York City, and the Countdown Improv Festival, a yearly improv comedy festival that is based in Tampa, Florida, for some reason.

- Has written and produced several one-man shows and ensemble pieces, including How to Tape Things off the Radio, Confessions of a Condiment Hustler, A Child's Garden of Maritime Disasters, A 54th Ward Christmas, A Good Burger Christmas, and the country-western euthanasia musical Kill Yourself! with Deke Davis.

- Has spent nineteen seasons as a beer vendor at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

- Will probably come to your party if you invite him.